Rehabilitation Hummingbird Highway Lot B

Period: April 1998 - September 1999
Contract: Hummingbird Highway (LOT B)
Caves Branch Bridge to
Belmopan Junction
No. 439/97-98
Country: Belize
Employer: Government of Belize
Employer's Address: Ministry of Works
Power Lane,
Nature of Works:

Rehabilitate 16 km of The Hummingbird Highway.

Role: Rehabilitate Streets
Total Value of Contract: BZ$ 15,687,850.00
US$ 7,843,925.00
Contract Awarded: March 17, 1998
Period: 18 Months
Completion Date: September, 1999.
Funding Agency:



Funding:  Caribbean Development Bank

Salient Points of the Contract:

  • Over 405,000 M3 of materials was moved
  • Over 286,000 M2 was paved
  • Over 40,000 M3 was excavated/blasted in rock.
  • 1 – 80meter long 9.2m wide bridge was constructed.-Caves Branch Bridge.
  • 2 Bridges extended – (Armenia Village and Roaring Creek)
  • 8 Box Culverts constructed/extended.
  • Constructed Belmopan Roundabout.
  • 60 Culverts placed – 867lm of pipes.