Reconstruction Stann Creek Valley Road – Dangriga to Alta Vista

Period: February 1994 - February 1996
Contract: Reconstruction, Stann Creek Valley Road (S.C.V.R.)
Dangriga to Alta Vista
Contract No. 3
Country: Belize
Employer: Government of Belize
Employer's Address: Ministry of Works
Power Lane,
Nature of Works:

Reconstruction of the Stann Creek Valley Road to a two lane bitumen surfaced highway and the construction of drainage structures.

Salient points of the Works are:
S.C.V.R. starts in Dangriga (at sea level) and has swamps and flood plains for about 6 kilometers and gradually changes to gentle hills at Middlesex. Large deep side drains had to be constructed.

Length – 26,700 M
Cut volume – 105,000 M3 approximately
Fill volume – 160,000 M3 approximately
Base – crushed rock – 30,000 M3 approximately
*crushed by Cisco Construction.
Pave surfaced – 214,900 M2 approximately
*chips by Cisco Construction.

Quarry Operations
The Company crushed all the crushed river gravel All-In, Base Material (30,000M3) and all the concrete aggregate (3,000 M3) required

Role: Sole Contractor
Total Value of Contract: BZ $ 13,368,000.00
Contract Awarded: 15th January, 1994
Period: 15th January, 1994 Period: 27 Months
Completion Date: April, 1996
Funding Agency:


Savings was achieved on the contract and works was extended from Alta Vista to Middlesex totaling an additional 10 km. Various small bridges were replaced by large culverts at Steadfast Village.

Cisco Construction Ltd, re-designed, using “Mac Road”, (a computer programme for road building) approximately 20 km of the Stann Creek Valley Road.

The FIDIC contract form was not used, instead The New Engineering Contract form was used.
Its use was monitored by ODA for future use.

Drainage Structures

Approximately 45 concrete surround cross culverts and approximately 175 access culverts were installed. Approximately 2,250 LM of corrugated pipe was supplied and approximately 2,300M3 of concrete was poured to surround the cross culverts and to construct the head wall structures. The culverts ranged in size from a single 900 M structure to a structure containing 7 lengths of 1,800 M to a single 3.860M structure.

All pipe culverts were produced on the job site by the Company’s Culvert Fabricating