Reconstruction of Hummingbird Highway

Period: 1990 - 1994
Contract: Reconstruction of Hummingbird Highway Sibun Bridge to Middlesex 6100 4168 01
Country: Belize
Employer: Government of Belize
Employer's Address: Ministry of Works, Power Lane, Belmopan
Nature of Works:

Reconstruction of the Hummingbird Highway to a Two Lane Bitumen Surfaced and construction of drainage structures and short span bridges. The Hummingbird Highway is on mountainous terrain, which requires vertical and horizontal level changes.

Salient points of the Works are:


 Length –  23,200 M
Cut volume –  399,000 M3 approximately
Fill volume – 310,000 M3 approximately
Base – crushed rock – 33,000 M3 approximately – Provided by Cisco’s crusher.
Pave surfaced- 211,000 M2 approximately – chips provided by Cisco’s crusher.
The vertical alignment required the blasting of rock in four locations of the highway.

Quarry Operations

The Company owned and operated a Crusher that produced all the Base Material (33,000M3) and concrete aggregate (1,800 M3) required.

Drainage Structures

Approximately 86 cross culverts were installed; 2,200 LM of corrugated pipes was supplied and 1000 M3 of concrete was poured in head wall structures.


Short Span Bridges

Two types of bridges were built:

Hammock Bridge – Box Culvert

Double 3M X 3M X 37M Long
460 M3 of concrete was poured.

Fairweather Bridge – Bridge

9.4M wide X 12.2M Long
7.1M above water level
Approximately 275 M3 of concrete was required for the slab and abutments.

Role: Sole Contractor
Total Value of Contract: BZ $19,293,301.00 US $9,646,650.00
Contract Awarded: April 19, 1990
Period: 48 Months
Completion Date: March 1994
Funding Agency:


Savings was achieved on the contract and the works was extended to include Hammock Bridge by-pass and regrading of Monday Morning Hill.

Cisco Construction Ltd. set up a crusher operation that allowed major savings from haulage. A culvert operation for corrugate pipe was established.