Fabers Road

Period: January 1998 - April 1998
Contract: Fabers Road Improvement
(Belize City)
No. 340/97-98
Country: Belize
Employer: Government of Belize
Employer's Address: Ministry of Works
Power Lane,
Nature of Works:

A¬† –¬†Rehabilitate Fabers Road to
a 2-lane bitumen surface road.
Length 2.6 km.
Surface paved – 26,000 m2.

B –¬†Construct 115 Culverts.

Role: Sole Contractor.
Total Value of Contract: Awarded - Bz. $1,868,272.00
US $934,136.00
Contract Awarded: January 6, 1998
Period: 6 Months
Completion Date: April 25, 1998
Funding Agency: