Period: December 2002- January 2004
Contract: Development Finance Corporation
Community Mile 31
Democracia Village
Western Highway
Country: Belize
Employer: Development Finance Corporation
Employer's Address: Bliss Parade
Nature of Works:

Construct and Install

  • Water Line and Water Tank.
  • Force Main and Sewerage Pond
  • Connect houses to water and
  • Sewerage, manholes, lift stations.
  • Pave road and streets.
  • Culverts and Access driveway.

Role: Sole Contractor
Total Value of Contract: BZ$3,010,000.00
Contract Awarded: Dec. 16 2002
Period: June, 2003 6 months.
Completion Date: January 2004.
Original contract was expanded.
Funding Agency:



The original works was completed in February 1997. Most of the work was done under variation orders. All concrete aggregate, crushed sub-base and base material, surfacing chips and premix asphalt material was crushed by Cisco Construction Ltd’s crusher. A concrete pre-casting operations was set up to do the side drains.