Construct Deck Type Truss Bridge

Period: January 1996 - June 1996
Contract: Construct Deck Type Truss Bridge at: 1. Crique Trosa - Toledo - No. 174/95-96 2. Ramclam - Toledo - No. 177/95-96 3. Mafredi - Toledo - No. 175/95-96 * 4. Old Mullins River - Stann Creek - No. 176/95-96
Country: Belize
Employer: Government of Belize
Employer's Address: Ministry of Works, Power Lane, Belmopan
Nature of Works:

Construct four bridges in the rural areas of Toledo and Stann Creek.  The largest bridge was 100 feet long.  The Old Mullins River Bridge has a Steel Case piled foundation.  All bridges were constructed simultaneously.

Role: Sole Contractor
Total Value of Contract: BZ $797,700.00 US $398,850.00
Contract Awarded: January 1996
Period: 9 Months
Completion Date: June 1996
Funding Agency:


Funded by: U.S.A.I.D.

* Mullins River has Steel Case Piles.