Belize City Infrastructure

Period: June 1996 - May 1998
Contract: Belize City Infrastructure
Main Street Works
Contract 9A
Country: Belize
Employer: Government of Belize
Employer's Address: Ministry of Works
Power Lane,
Nature of Works:

A – Construct Concrete, Sidedrains/Walks

  • Barrack Road, Freetown Road,
  • Mahogany and Belcan Junction
  • Roundabout

B – Rehabilitate Streets

  • Barrack Road, Freetown Road,
  • Mahogany, Belcan Junction
  • Roundabout (4 lanes), Princess
  • North Front St.(To Victoria), Victoria St.,
  • Hyde’s Lane (to New Road), Partridge St.
  • Western Hwy, Roundabout, Collet Canal (Dean to Vernon)

Salient Points of the project are:

  • Sidedrains/sidewalks constructed – 9,000 meters.
  • Sidewalks constructed – 3,000 meters
  • Canals constructed – 175 meters
  • – Approx. 250,000 concrete blocks were placed.
  • -5000 m3 of concrete was poured
  • Streets rehabilitated and surfaced
  • -90,000 m2
  • -Approximately 225 persons were employed.

Role: Rehabilitate Streets
Total Value of Contract: Billed Bz. $8,290,000.00
Contract Awarded: June, 1996
Period: 12 Months
Completion Date: November 1997
Funding Agency:



The original works was completed in February 1997. Most of the work was done under variation orders. All concrete aggregate, crushed sub-base and base material, surfacing chips and premix asphalt material was crushed by Cisco Construction Ltd’s crusher. A concrete pre-casting operations was set up to do the side drains.